Cognacais or Charentais stills

Althought very versatile, these stills have been originally designed to produce Cognac and Calvados eaux de vie in two passes

the principle : the wine ,cider or other is introduiced into the boiler.the most volatile vapors are driven throught the '' goose neck'' towards the cooling coil or condenser.The condensate liquid or brouillis is collect in a tank in view of the second distillation.This brouillis contains 28% up to 32 % of alcool by volume

The second distillation: the brouillis is introduiced into the boiler and brought to boil. Again the vapors are  led to the condensing coil. At this point  the skill of the master distiller intervenes in order to separate the heads,the hearts and tails.

The heads can be reintroduiced in the following batch


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